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Top-Rated Advisors on Sales

Claudia Meer

CIO and CFO at AlphaStruxure
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Joe Gawronski

President & Chief Operating Officer at Rosenblatt Securities

All Advisors on Sales

Trase Travers

Former Operating Partner at Battle Investing Group and Chief Executive Officer at ARCTOS  

Jason Dodier

Engagement Director at AlphaStruxure, Co-Founder FountainHead RI, Steering Committee Member at Jarbly University

Marc Steren

Founding Director of Entrepreneurship at The Universities at Shady Grove 

Stan Sukhinin

Managing Partner at Atrani Capital  

Claudia Meer

CIO and CFO at AlphaStruxure
Rated 5.00 out of 5

Lance Tanaka

Owner and Managing Director at Lance Tanaka Group  Asia Executive Resource Ltd.  Excelerate Global Consulting (Shanghai) Inc. Insight Global Solutions Ltd. 

Spencer Mains

Addressability Lead - Platforms & Data at LiveRamp 

Shriya Patnam

Corporate Development and Strategy at Accenture

Emmanuel Alegbeleye

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Utter Group Inc.

Keith Lawson

Vice President of Ad Sales & Creative Integrations at Black Entertainment Television Networks 
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