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Boost's Flight-Plan Approach

We at Boost take pride in our ability to match a company with their compatible Boost advisors. Every company can be categorized into a section of the startup lifecycle. For example, A mentor could have knowledge of finances but specializes in M&A advising. A company trying to prove its concept would logically not be a good fit. Therefore, matching on industry alone is not enough. Boost finds that a meeting’s success rate grows significantly when a consumer speaks with someone who is knowledgeable about their industry AND understands what stage the company is preparing to enter.

Boost utilizes the five stages of an airplane flight to describe a startup’s lifecycle. Read through the description below to decide which classification you fit into. Then proceed to scroll through our advisors to find the one that fits your timeline and industry.   



A lot goes into planning a flight. Plans need to be drawn, the plane fueled up, and tickets need to be booked. Preparation also needs to be conducted before a startup is ready to launch. Founder(s) need to identify a problem and have a solution to fix that dilemma. Differentiators need to be identified to show market fit if a different company is already working on the same problem. Founder(s) that fit this description will have…

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Planes takeoff by generating enough power to resist the effect of gravity. During this phase, the plane pushes up and forward, creating the perfect synergy between different forces. These same synergies need to be sound within a startup. There need to be founder(s) ready to execute on the right idea at the right time. The takeoff phase encompasses a company about to launching, is launching, or has just launched. Companies that fit this description will have…
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Ascending is a product of having more power/lift than weight and drag on an airplane. Most of the turbulence occurs doing this period. The same concept applies to a startup trying to gain traction. Each purchase or contract secured is extremely valuable to the company’s success. Economic turbulence during this stretch will cause a majority of startups to close down. Companies that fit this description will have…
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Cruising is the flight phase where the airplane levels off. It is where the aircraft stays for most of its flight. Cruising is also the longest stage in a startup’s business cycle. During this period, the startup’s back-end process is becoming systematic, and growth strategy meetings no longer require participation from the whole team. Companies that fit this description will have…

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Landing an airplane is a delicate task. The right preparations need to be performed, and the correct landing strip needs to be selected. Businesses in this phase are ready to begin the acquisition process. Boost advisors have a myriad of connections to make sure your startup ends up in the right hands. Companies who make it this far should be applauded. There were undoubtedly many ups and downs, but through blood, sweat, and tears, you found a way to turn this idea into a company. Companies that fit this description will have…

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