Shriya Patnam

Finance Advisor

Corporate Development and Strategy at Accenture

Shriya Patnam

Finance Advisor


Ms. Patnam received her Bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Virginia and her Master’s of Business Administration from Georgetown University.


Ms. Patnam has been with Accenture for over a decade and has extensive experience in a variety of areas. She has a strong background in market assessments highlighted by an internal strategy project analyzing a $700M+ market that provided recommendations focused on competitive/community positioning, strategic partners, and potential acquisition targets. She has also worked with Accenture internal and target acquisition leadership to set priorities for integration planning during acquisitions and developed recommendations for ecosystem partners. These recommendations were based on market research of early-stage IoT, mobile, and digital experience companies.

As a strategic assessment lead, Ms. Patnam developed a business case to replace the property management system for a global hospitality company. During the case, she analyzed market-leading tools, provided recommendations, cost savings, phase-specific cost projections, and proposal/scope.

Ms. Patnam led global teams to deliver integrated sales, quoting, and mobile technology, supporting B2B and B2C sales processes as part of a digital transformation program. Additionally, she developed a roll-out and onboarding plan to support 1,000+ users with a sales unit of $1.6 billion.

Ms. Patnam supported sales and marketing workshops with senior executives across various brands for the world’s largest media conglomerate to align on program objectives, value drivers, and KPIs. 



Ms. Patnam specializes in business analysis,, business process improvement, business process design, and analytics.

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