Eric West

Finance and Technology Advisor

Strategic Partnerships at Ford Motor Company

Eric West

Finance and Technology Advisor


Eric West earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Carnegie Mellon University, with a major in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Robotics. He continued his studies and earned a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University as well as an MBA from New York University’s Leonard N. Stern School of Business. 



Eric West has extensive experience in a variety of technology industries. Throughout his professional career, he has worked in many industries, ranging from next-generation automotive development to aerospace engineering. Mr. West has held executive positions with United Technologies and EvoLux Transportation. 

Mr. West served as a business consultant for Skyspecs. While working with Skyspecs, he secured an exemption from the FAA’s Section 333 ban on the usage of drones in commercial applications. This vital exemption was integral in positioning SkySpecs’ platform as the solution to enable safe and legal drone operations.  He also led the leadership team through a Customer Journey exercise as a framework for transforming their operations from working only with internal customers to interfacing with internal and external customers and training the team to manage priorities between these two groups in advance of launching their beta service. Mr. West also assisted Skyspecs by developing an initial lead scoring methodology for potential early adopters.  This methodology focused heavily on the time required to derive value from their usage of the service in comparison with the internal resources consumed supporting customer use of the platform.

Mr. West’s business development experience was garnered through his positions at Sikorsky, first as the Business Acquisition Manager at Sikorsky Innovations and then while working with the Commercial Business Development section of Sikorsky Aircraft. At Sikorsky Innovations, he secured an unprecedented $198M multi-year funding allocation from United Technologies’ executive team to co-invest alongside their main Department of Defense (DoD) customer.  This work led to a more aggressive Intellectual Property (IP) strategy to accelerate the commercialization of existing R&D projects amidst sequestration threats and the associated investment landscape changes. Mr. West captured $68M across six new R&D contracts from various U.S. government agencies by leveraging his experience working with several DoD counterparts on existing contracts and the two deals he closed in FY13 totaling $14. As a result, Mr. West emerged as the most significant single contributor to the FY13 sales funnel. Mr. West decreased the cost of proposing new business by 34% after leading stakeholders through business acquisition process improvement workshops to determine how to minimize the time required for Sikorsky to respond to customer requests. He also led the multidisciplinary team (including six PhD holders) that managed RFP inquiries from DoD and built proposals for Active Rotor contracts (managing input from client stakeholders including technologists, pilots, procurement officers, and deployment strategists). 

At Sikorsky Aircraft, Mr. West was re-hired as a resident intrapreneur with authority to task Sikorsky’s marketing, market intelligence, and product development teams to build a digital marketplace for Sikorsky helicopters as a new strategy for driving sales of aftermarket parts and services that strengthened relationships with supply chain partners amidst tectonic market changes. He secured $800k of internal funding to develop an Aircraft Performance Upgrade kit that helped Sikorsky’s aftermarket business defend against a competitor’s more powerful aircraft model by offering a simple, cost-effective solution for its customers to add more power to Sikorsky helicopters. Mr. West revised the customer support strategy by analyzing historical financial data and pricing tactics to generate a new pricing strategy that led to new business for the commercial aftermarket group. He conceptualized and executed a new marketing campaign and sales training program which helped the organization surpass its goal of liquidating slow-moving inventory within a month. 

Currently, Eric West directs strategic partnerships at Ford Smart Mobility. At Ford, Mr. West identifies and implements next-gen methods for the future of automobiles. 



Eric West specializes in business strategy, business development, program management, product development, startups, leadership, proposal development, and more. Mr. West has developed new businesses and products within firms having worked as an aerospace engineer and in robotics. He then transitioned into more management and business roles focused on developing external partnerships which led to creating new revenue streams for his organizations. He is well-suited to help many companies with a wide variety of solutions. 


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