Emmanuel Alegbeleye

Construction and Technology Advisor

Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Utter Group Inc.

Emmanuel Alegbeleye

Construction and Technology Advisor


Emmanuel Alegbeleye earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management from the University of Maryland. 



Mr. Alegbeleye has extensive experience in the construction and startup industries. He has experience with residential and commercial construction as well as chemical coatings. Mr. Alegbeleye has been a part of three successful startups, five successful businesses, and a successful exit at a purchase price of $75M. While working at Sherwin Williams he earned the prestigious Masters in Sales award. Currently, Mr. Alegbeleye is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Utter Group Inc., an innovative company adding a technological element to the traditional construction industry. Mr. Alegbeleye is an elite track and field athlete and in his free time enjoys working on his athletic craft as well as reading and mentoring others. 



Mr. Alegbeleye specializes in sales, networking, startups, entrepreneurship, IT Development, customer success, and business management. He will be able to propel companies to the next level.

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