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Trase Travers

Former Operating Partner at Battle Investing Group and Chief Executive Officer at ARCTOS  

Shriya Patnam

Corporate Development and Strategy at Accenture

Jennifer (Jenna) Dorn

Former CEO of the American Academy of PAs

Harun Asad


Brad Davids

Previous Head of Demand Response Partnerships at Google

Benjamin Snowden

Senior Vice President at Willis Towers Watson

Anna Pavlova

Strategic Advisor at COEFFICIENT

Jeff Hoffman

Chairman of the Board at Global Entrepreneurship Network, Global Chairman at Dream Tank, Chairman & CEO at Driving Forces Enterprises 

Kerry Wisnosky

Co-Founder and Principal Owner at Millennium Engineering and Integration

Keith Lawson

Vice President of Ad Sales & Creative Integrations at Black Entertainment Television Networks 

Elizabeth Stewart

COO at The CFP Board, Advisory Board Member at Hawaii School of Architecture Licensed to practice Law in the Commonwealth of Virginia

John Johnson

Owner and president of Balanced Financial Solutions, Inc.

Gail Chavis

Former Director of Cash and Financial Control at Independence

Stan Sukhinin

Managing Partner at Atrani Capital  

Eric West

Strategic Partnerships at Ford Motor Company

Michael Leifman

Founding Principal at Tenley Consulting

Joe Gawronski

President & Chief Operating Officer at Rosenblatt Securities

Brian Megill

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer at Host Events Inc.   

Spencer Mains

Addressability Lead - Platforms & Data at LiveRamp 

Colleen Dempsey

Managing Director of GetPropulsion

Tyler Putterman

Director of Business Development, Addressability & ATS, LiveRamp

Tony Korson

Chief Executive Officer and founder of  Koa Sports 

Stephen Sans

Managing Director of Hamptons Tax & Advisory Services LLC 

Fritz Troller

Executive Vice President at Dalkia Energy Solutions 

Marc Steren

Founding Director of Entrepreneurship at The Universities at Shady Grove 

Daniel Colbert

Managing Partner at North Energy Ventures

Bob Linehan

Principal and Founder at Coremax Consulting   

Lance Tanaka

Owner and Managing Director at Lance Tanaka Group  Asia Executive Resource Ltd.  Excelerate Global Consulting (Shanghai) Inc. Insight Global Solutions Ltd. 
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